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Goalsetter Education is flipping the script on financial education with fun, interactive quizzes and games that teach the whole family the essentials of money management.

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Award-Winning Content

Our award-winning content is aligned with the Jump$tart Coalition and Council for Economic Education (CCE) K-12 national Financial Literacy Standards to help Kids and Adults learn how to become smarter spenders and savers (and have fun doing it!)

Our content categories correspond to the national Financial Literacy Standards’ six educational pillars:

These pillars include a range of topics from spending and borrowing money, to creating a diverse investment portfolio and the pros and cons of entrepreneurship.
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Goalsetter’s Impact

A recent Goalsetter Mastercard study (2024) validates Goalsetter’s impact: we’re transforming lives across all ethnic groups, socio-economic categories and ages of the families using Goalsetter—including Adults, Kids, and Teens.

According to the Mastercard study, here’s what Parents/Guardians are saying about Goalsetter’s impact on their Kids:

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88% made progress in having open and honest financial conversations with their child.
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86% indicate that Goalsetter’s financial education quizzes and video content are some of the most valuable features of the platform.
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84% believe their child's interest in saving improved

Here’s what Parents/Guardians who use Goalsetter for themselves say:

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75% said Goalsetter helped them to improve their own best practices with money.
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30% have explored a new financial product for themselves thanks to Goalsetter’s educational content.

Get FinLit with Your Whole Family

Play, learn, and earn with our fun, interactive games and quizzes.

FinLit Quizzes

FinLit Quizzes are our K-12th grade game-based approach to financial literacy. Earn at least 8 out of 10 in order to pass each level to receive points towards your CredLit Score.

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Keys to Riches Trivia

From "Cribs and Condos" and “Racing to Retire” to other money milestone categories, rack up points and boost your CredLit Score as you conquer each level with a minimum score of 8 out of 10.


Dive into our treasure trove of 80+ family finance videos designed for both Teens and Adults that make learning about finances accessible and fun.

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