Engage the whole family today.

Prepare your firm for tomorrow.

We know that engaging with your clients’ families is no longer a “nice to have” - it’s an imperative for your business.  

With Goalsetter, you can begin expanding and deepening your relationships today.

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FinTech Breakthrough Award for “Best Financial Education Platform”

Partnering with advisors to offer
Family Finance as a Service.

Goalsetter’s co-branded platform helps connect advisors to the entire family with the resources that your clients need most.

Moneylingo Family Finance Videos

Down with boring finance brochures.  

Goalsetter’s fun, engaging financial education videos will teach your clients’ families the essential building blocks for building - and retaining - wealth.

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Co-branded Family Finance App

Goalsetter’s education-first, goal-based saving platform helps transform young spenders into savvy savers and investors. 

Not just another debit card2, Goalsetter educates kids from Kindergarten to college. And lets them carry their favorite advisor in their pocket.

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Advisors need Families, and Families need Advisors 

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90% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the 3rd generation.

That’s why families need financial advisors to help them prepare their children for the successful transition and preservation of wealth.

Attract, Engage, and Retain Forward-Thinking Clients.

Provide your clients with a holistic solution that bolsters their family’s future and your firm's, too.

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Strengthen Client Relationships

Establish trust with multiple generations. Serve as an invaluable partner in a family's financial journey, from childhood savings to adult investments.

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Competitive Differentiation

Differentiate your offering. Showcase a forward-thinking approach that combines tech-savvy tools with comprehensive financial education.

Attract Parents and Kids Alike

Diversify your clientele. Appeal to both tech-conscious kids and parents keen on securing their children's financial futures.

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Streamlined Financial Integration

Our platform is turnkey. Get up and running with Goalsetter within 30 days.  

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89% of higher-income parents want help teaching their kids about money.

And 71% of those parents want it from 
their current financial institution. 

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Generational Wealth requires
Generational Knowledge

Goalsetter’s education-first tools create financially fluent families, and provide kids a solid foundation for building their financial futures.
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Goal-based saving with Auto-Save6 & Round-Ups

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Fun and educational financial quizzes

father and son financial planning together

Short & engaging "Moneylingo" videos

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Smart spending tools keep kids on budget

Kids earn towards goals with allowance & chore settings

You're Pretty Smart Right?

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Test your Knowledge

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Revealing the Financial Literacy Gap: What Today’s Students Are Missing​

Dive into our groundbreaking report and uncover the surprising truths about the financial understanding of America’s youth – it’s an eye-opener you won’t want to miss.

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