We’re creating the next generation of savers and investors.

Goalsetter’s app for learning, saving, and investing3 is designed to prepare the next generation for a powerful financial future.

From the youngest saver to the emerging investor, we’ve got you covered.

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Debit Cards

Debit Cards2 that teach your kids to spend smarter!

With our debit card, your kids don’t just learn how to spend. They take our financial education quizzes and learn how to save and invest too. That’s the Goalsetter difference.

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Financial Education

from Kindergarten to College.

Finally. Finance made fun, and effective too.
(Yes, we’ve got the receipts to prove it.)


Fueled by Goal-Based Learning. 

Save for airfare, AirPods or Air Jordans and watch your money grow, while your knowledge grows too.

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Earn Money.

And Learn Money Too.

Turn everyday tasks into financial lessons. Whether your money comes from a job, allowance, or Grandma, Goalsetter helps earning experiences become learning experiences.

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Investing 101:
Investing principles plus practice.3

Start Investing with just $1. Learn both the principles of Investing and the practice of investing. Goalsetter Advisors offers self-directed brokerage accounts for adults and custodial accounts for minors where parents approve their kid's trades.

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Give GoalCards.
And lifelong lessons too.

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Try Before You Buy

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Goalsetter Gold

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*The Cashola Prepaid Mastercard2 is separate from the subscription plans and is not subject to fees associated with the plan. Users must subscribe to either Goalsetter or Goalsetter Gold to use the Cashola card.

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Goalsetter's Award Winning App1 + Financial Curriculum

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