Cultivate your next generation of customers with Goalsetter.

Leading banks and credit unions across the country are engaging and exciting next-gen clients with our award winning platform.1

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FinTech Breakthrough Award for “Best Financial Education Platform”

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79% of parents want help teaching their kids financial education. 

Goalsetter’s education-first family banking platform7. lets your financial institution give families the support they’re looking for.

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Not just another debit card2 . The debit card with financial education attached.



A program that turns kids into savers, investors, and future customers.

Our Solution for

Banks and Credit Unions:

When Goalsetter partners with your financial institution, we don’t just provide a youth banking solution.

We offer our partners a holistic financial education and empowerment platform that covers the whole family.
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The White-Label Goalsetter App

Savings goals, allowance, expense tracking and parental controls helps kids become smart spenders, savvy savers, and earnest earners.

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Co-Branded Kids & Teens 
Debit Card2

Not your typical debit card, Goalsetter lets parents reward kids for both earning 
and learning.

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Engaging Financial Education

Goalsetter's one-of-a-kind suite of family finance videos help you deepen your relationship with your customers today, and tomorrow too.

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Our Partners

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Why Partner with Goalsetter?

When it comes to expanding your footprint and deepening your customer relationships, Goalsetter offers a comprehensive solution like no other. 

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Cultivate Next Gen Customers

Reach the next generation before they reach 18, cementing your relationship now and in the future.

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Deepen Customer Relationships

Provide family finance education in a fun and engaging way, with 92% of families surveyed saying that they prefer learning financial education with Goalsetter.

Asset Growth and Retention

Acquire and retain deposits, because your deposits belong at your institution.

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Offer Financial Education for Schools

Offering comprehensive middle and high school curriculum has improved students' financial aptitude by 47%, enabling them to achieve 83% mastery of key financial concepts.

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91% of parents want
a youth bank account.

And 71% of those parents want it from their current financial institution. 

You're Pretty Smart Right?

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Test your Knowledge

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Revealing the Financial Literacy Gap: What Today’s Students Are Missing​

Dive into our groundbreaking report and uncover the surprising truths about the financial understanding of America’s youth – it’s an eye-opener you won’t want to miss.

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