How Goalsetter Works


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Parents or Teens can download Goalsetter from either the App Store or Google Play.
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Link Your Bank Account

Your personal data is protected with bank-level encryption.

Add Family Members

Teens can invite their parents. Parents can invite their kids.
Simple Savings*


Automatically deposit a set amount every week or every month, and save towards goals that matter.

Round Ups

Save every time you swipe! Round up to the nearest $1 whenever you make a purchase, and we’ll save your small change towards your family’s big dreams.


From college to emergency funds to family vacations—a goal can be anything you want. Everyone in the family can save for big or small goals over time, making saving easy and fun.
Smart Spending

Debit Card with Parental Controls

A debit card that lets kids from 8 to 18 learn how to budget proactively and spend responsibly. Parents can set rules to determine how and where money is spent.

Send to a Friend

Whether you’re paying for a textbook or your kid is paying for tacos, Goalsetter lets your family send money securely and instantly.

Learn Before you Burn

Goalsetter’s debit card comes with fun financial literacy quizzes powered by memes and gifs. No quiz passed for the week? No Cashola!
Learn + Earn*


Every family does allowance differently, so we’ve set up rules that let your family do allowance your way.

Financial Literacy Quizzes

The whole family can take fun quizzes to learn key financial literacy concepts, and parents can even pay kids for each quiz question they get right!

Invite Friends.
Earn Money.

When you invite friends and family to Goalsetter, you earn $1 and give $1 to a charity of your choice.


Personalize your celebrations with digital video and photo GoalCards that let friends and family give real money towards real goals.

Send and Receive Cash

Send money near real-time to friends and family. Use celebrations to give - and receive - real money for real goals.

Family Circle

Invite close family members to join your family circle, and they can save towards your kids’ goals too. It’s saving made social.

Start changing your future now.

Goalsetter makes it easier than ever for your family to become smart savers, spenders and givers.
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Standard data charges may apply.