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Smart Debit Card

Debit Card with Damage Control

The debit card that teaches saving and investing, too. With "Learn Before You Burn,"* parents can automatically freeze their kid's card until a weekly financial quiz is taken. Once the quiz is taken, the card unfreezes again!

Youth debit card
Simple Savings


Automatically deposit a set amount every week or every month, and save towards goals that matter.*

Auto-save - Easier savings for all

Round Ups

Save every time you swipe. Round up to the nearest $1 whenever you make a purchase, and you can easily save small change towards big dreams.

Round-up savings with every purchase


From college to emergency funds to family vacations—a goal can be anything you want. Everyone in the family can save for big or small goals over time, making saving easy and fun.

Achieving practical goals


Every family does allowance differently, so we’ve set up rules that let your family do allowance your way.

Allowances - the rewards kids love!

Financial Education Made Fun

For adults, for tweens, for kids, for teens. Our Financial Education quizzes and videos make the Rule of 72, 401K's, and Compound Interest wayyyy more interesting. Get it?!?!

Financial Education

Investing for Everyone

As a Goalsetter Gold client, adults can learn about investing with engaging videos and quizzes, and trade both stocks and ETFs. Kids and teens can become early investors, and place orders with their parents' permission.

Investment advice is provided by Goalsetter Advisors, LLC (the Advisor), an SEC-registered investment adviser. The Advisor provides investment advice exclusively through its interactive mobile application based on personal information provided by its clients. The Advisor does not provide continuous and regular management services.
Investing for adults and youths
Give towards Goal


Personalize your celebrations with digital video and photo GoalCards that let friends and family give real money towards real goals.

Gift cards through Goalcards.

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