Our Goal

To give every family in
America a shot at the
American dream.

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Goalsetter uniquely empowers both your employees and their families to achieve financial wellness.

The Problem

Existing benefits packages aren't addressing the needs of the most financially stressed employees in your organization.


Smart spending and saving for employees Relieving financial stress on employees

Skipped work in the last year because of financial stress.

Increasing Americans' emergency funds

Of Americans don’t have $400 saved in the case of an emergency.

Reducing stress about money at work

On average, people spend 13 hours per month worrying about personal finances at work.


Smart spending and saving for employers Money worries at work

Of employees say uncertainty about money is their biggest stress health overall in the workplace.

Improving health outcomes from stress about money

Individuals with high financial stress are 2X more likely to report poor health overall and 4X more likely to complain of individual ailments.

Financial stress on employers

Cost of financial stress on an organization adds up to more than $1,200 per employee per year (JohnHancock, 2019).

The Solution

Goalsetter offers engaging financial education and a robust saving and investing app for the entire family.

Saving tools for easy savings

Savings tools, including auto-save and round-ups, to make saving easier

investment platform with buy, sell and learning features

An investment platform to buy, sell, and learn about stocks and ETFs

Money App for youth investing, adult investing and family investing

An app with smart spending rules to keep budgets under control

Educational games about money for all kids and adults

Fun and educational financial quizzes for users of all ages.

Engaging educational videos about money

Educational video library with animated and live action short, engaging videos

Financial education through gamification and fun learning

Allowance and chore settings so kids can earn cash towards their goals

Why Goalsetter?

In a recent employee benefits launch, employees told us…

Employee financial education benefits

Consider Goalsetter to be a valuable employee benefit.

Increase employee saving goals

Saved by all participants on both long-term and short-term goals over 8 weeks.

Money App for youth investing, adult investing and family investing

Of employees say they prefer learning about financial education through Goalsetter.

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