Give a gift, with love.

Give a kid you love a GoalCard - a digital gift that gives real money towards real dreams.

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Down with gift cards. Up with GoalCards.

Instead of buying another store-bought gift card that says, "I can't wait to see what you buy next", give a kid you love a Goal Card and say, "I can't wait to see what you do next".

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How it works:


No accounts required.

You don't need a Goalsetter account to give a gift, and neither does the lucky kid.

Download the
Goalsetter App.

Or click here to give a gift without downloading or setting up an account.
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Give to a teen,
a tween, or a toddler.

Just tell us the email address of the lucky recipient.
Or send the GoalCard to their parents, and they can pass it along.

Pick a card,
any card.

We’ve got cards from birthdays to Valentine’s Day,
from Christmas to Eid, and some “You’re the best-est!” cards too.

Add a photo,
video, or gif.

Make your card personalized and fun, as only you can.

Pay with a credit
or debit card.

Or download the app, connect your bank, and transfer money real-time, anytime.

Send your

The lucky recipient will receive a fun, digital card with real cash to save for real dreams, or spend on something special.

Create a
Goalsetter for life.

Once their parent or another adult completes their sign-up, the lucky kid will have their own Goalsetter account so they can:

- Save for goals and receive more GoalCards

- Get a free Cashola Card - the debit card that comes with fun financial literacy quizzes

- Get allowance from their parents

Give a gift now

One low fee.  No hidden charges.

$1 per GoalCard

+ 2.9% + $.3 processing fee

We wish we didn't have to charge anything, but our fees help us to pay our transaction processor and spread Goalsetter everywhere.

Plus, we give 5% back to kid's related charities.

Save the children
Purple Feet Foundation
Association to Benefit children
Waterkeeper alliance
Black Girls Code
Give a gift now